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3 Marketing Trends that aren’t going anywhere

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We’re all creatures of habit when it comes to marketing. We rely on the tactics that we know will work because it feels safe and comfortable, right? Just like those pair of shoes you’ve got in the wardrobe that you’ve had for years. You know, the “old and faithfuls”. Not the trendiest pair, some might say, but the ones that never let you down. The ones that are predictable, that you know will yield good results even if they’ve walked the same walk for many years. It would make no sense to change the strategy. Or would it?

At Blue Moon, we don’t do “comfortable marketing”. It’s about challenging YOURSELF as much as it is challenging your marketing strategy. So we’re sorry “old and faithfuls”, you gotta stay in the wardrobe cos we’ve got some new kicks in town!

To find out how to push your marketing that little bit harder to turn predictably good results into unexpectedly GREAT results then keep reading…

When it comes to marketing, the truth is you can’t stand still. Ever. The consumer is constantly changing the goal posts. Moving the trends. Just like fashion. Seasons come and go, and so do consumer expectations, desires, the way they process information, make decisions and ultimately how they behave. Throw new technology advancements into the mix and quite frankly they become a nightmare! But they’re our nightmare, and it’s our job to track the changes and cater to them in the best ways we can. Staying up to date with key marketing trends that even stretch our own skillsets.

Like anything, some trends will fade out over time, but there are some that have stayed around for a while now – and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere, anytime soon. Knowing what they are and finding ways to integrate them into your strategy can lead to more efficient campaigns and improved outcomes. So, here are 3 key trends proven to push things that little bit further:

1. Long Term Influencers Hold The Power

We’re big believers that one of the best marketing strategies is word-of-mouth advertising. People are more likely to try a product or service if someone they know recommends it. Influencer marketing involves a collaboration between a brand and an individual with a specific niche and large online following. It takes the concept of word of mouth referrals and modernises it for today’s digital era.

While this form of social media marketing isn’t exactly new to 2022, or even 2023, brands should be seizing the chance to build more authentic connections with their consumers by appointing long-term “brand ambassadors.” The key to success comes in appointing those who have a history of influence in your sector. Not just who’s hot right now. Consumers are smart and they know if you’re simply chasing the next shiny thing. It’s about building and maintaining trust with influencers that know your industry or niche even better than you do!

So have a think. Who has a real captivating nature about them in your sector? Because it might be worth reaching out….. if we’ve learnt anything from the influencer culture so far it’s that they don’t have to be celebrities by definition to captivate and engage. The greatest of leaders and most influential characters are often the most humble of human beings.

2. Interactive Content Is Giving ‘Static’ A Run For Its Money

In a world full of content, brands are constantly fighting with each other to catch the eyes of their consumers in a desperate attempt to beat the scroll. Static images just aren’t doing it the way they used to. Nowadays, individuals don’t want to simply follow a brand with a pretty set of static images. They want to connect on a far deeper level, with content they can actively get involved with! Something that screams “interactivity”.

90% of companies have now embraced short videos as part of their strategies to engage with their consumers. Interestingly, a further two-thirds of marketers now use audio – such as podcasts and streaming ads – as a new channel to interact with their existing and potential audience.

Video-based content in particular is going to remain a key focus area in social media marketing for the foreseeable because it can capture a viewer’s attention for a longer amount of time compared to static posts. From TikToks to Instagram reels, marketers are using bite-sized videos to drive engagement and increase brand awareness among millennials and Gen Z. Live streaming is also proving to be an effective marketing trend. When paired with influencer marketing, live streaming allows potential customers to engage with influencers familiar with the product, talk about the product, and make the purchase all while watching the stream.

Great ways to break up the feed, yes, BUT remember they must ALWAYS be relevant to your brand or product. Never random. Businesses should also ensure that their mobile optimised content is accessible and inclusive – by incorporating captions in videos and adapting fonts and colours for the best legibility.

So when you next look at your content calendar, why not switch it up a little? Push those creative boundaries. Better still, this type of content doesn’t have to be costly as our next timeless trend shows….

3. User Generated Content Is King!

From #OOTD to the latest TikTok trends, user-generated content is arguably the most powerful content of all. It’s original in every sense of the word. But still, so many brands shy away from it, for fear that it may be too rough around the edges in its unscripted manner. Although mostly recognised and accepted in fashion and beauty, with product reviews and unboxing videos, UGC does have A LOT of scope for all brands – regardless of the sector to capitalise on.

Due to the fact that anyone can create user-generated content, this tactic really can take your marketing’s authenticity to the next level. As well as keeping your production costs lean. It’s thought that consumers are 2.4 times more likely to trust user-generated content compared to content created by brands— so even if the messaging isn’t exactly as we’d script it internally, it doesn’t mean that it won’t perform. Who knows, maybe consumers know more about marketing than we do?!

Here at Blue Moon, we offer a range of solutions to raise your profile as well as your performance. From brand strategy to thought provoking campaigns and content creation, we’ve been working with businesses to maximise their marketing strategies for years. So why not build your reputation on ours? Contact us today to discuss your biggest marketing challenges. We’d love to hear from you!