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5 ways to level up your LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is fast becoming THE social media platform for making meaningful connections, be it a new business contact or a future employment opportunity. But with over half a billion other users taking to the channel, how can you distinguish yourself? Both personally and professionally…

Levelling up your Linkedin Profile doesn’t have to be taxing. Just a few small tweaks can make a real difference in getting you seen for all of the right reasons. So, whether your goal is to grow your network, raise brand awareness or to explore career opportunities, these hints and tips are here for you. Better yet: Just ten minutes is all you need to take your profile to the next level. Seriously! Take a look….


1.     Add a Professional Profile Photo

According to LinkedIn, profiles with headshots are 14 times more likely to be viewed than those without a profile picture. Your headshot should be clear, professional and only include you. (Sorry that group toilet selfie won’t quite cut it here!)

Take a few minutes to browse through your phone for any photos that meet the required description. It may be that you’ve found the right picture but there’s something in the background. Our quickest hack is to use Canva’s background remover:


Haven’t got anything? No problem. We’re experts in professional headshot photography. Why not drop us a message to see how we can help!


2.     Add a Cover image

This is one of our favourite features as it allows you to get creative! Adding real context around what you do either as a profession or as a brand.

In most companies, a social media toolkit will be deployed to you as part of your onboarding with a relevant LinkedIn Cover photo to use for consistent brand representation, but if not, then think about what people instantly associate with what you do. If you’re searching for employment on Linkedin then consider conveying a part of your personality or hobbies through your background so that your future employer can build up an accurate picture of you through any due diligence or application processes.


3.    Craft a Compelling Headline

This is another opportunity to impress potential employers and clients, so don’t waste this valuable space. Most professionals list their current title or position, but why stop there? Add one other attribute that’ll help you stand out and tell your customers, or your future employers why you’re amazing.

For example, “Marketing Manager” could become “Marketing Manager who thrives on an international scale – Bilingual (English & French)”.


4.    Create a Customised URL

Just like any other social network, when you first join you’re given a very long (and impersonal) URL link. A custom URL makes it so much easier to send people to your profile—and means you no longer have to worry that they won’t find you!

To do this simply click ‘Edit Profile’ > ‘Edit Contact Info’ > ‘Profile URL’

You could even go 1 step further and create your own customised QR code! QR codes are fast becoming a universally recognised method of engaging with people – so embrace the new tech language to promote yourself! At Blue Moon we can design fully branded QR codes in seconds – drop us a note to bag one for yourself! 

5.   Curate your Groups

So now you’re looking the part, let’s see what circles you’re currently moving in! 

When you first signed up for LinkedIn, you probably bypassed the whole group section. Or, maybe you went crazy and joined every one possible. The more isn’t always the merrier when it comes to groups. The selection really is key so take a few minutes to browse through your list and delete any that aren’t helpful. Then, find two to three that look like they’re interesting enough to participate in—or at least interesting enough to read every so often. When searching for ones to join, think about your (desired) industry, location, and job titles.