About us

Clients often tell us, as an agency partner we’re that

once in a Blue Moon kind of R.A.R.E.


We’re here to take your problems away

Working with us should feel different - in a good way!


We adapt quickly to your changing needs

We know the real world is a very imperfect world for everyone, but we embrace this with positivity.


We always deliver

We never let you down - whether you're a colleague or a client. We’ll go the extra mile to get you the results you need.


We’re fun to have on your team

We do what we do because we love it. We always bring energy and enthusiasm, to inspire better results

Why we're in business

We want to inspire you to view agency collaboration through a new lens and empower you to take your marketing effectiveness to the next level.

We help businesses to accelerate their growth and make a positive impact in today’s unpredictable, fast-changing world.

Our Promise

We give anyone we partner with, the confidence and ability to increase the performance of their marketing communications.

By encouraging them to look differently at the role of marketing AND their partner agency relationships.

And by delivering strategic and creative value into their organisation in a highly collaborative, cost-effective and time-efficient way – that gives our clients complete flexibility and control.

So that marketing investment is focused on initiatives that we know will get their brand noticed AND chosen more often by target audiences.

Meet the team

Michael Pagan


Anne Reynolds

Founder & Brand Strategy Director

client services & strategy

Jennifer Scullion

Senior Client Manager

Keera Tate

Social Media Manager

Ada Frith

Account Executive

creative design studio

Cara Millet

Creative Designer

Clare Goddard

Creative Artworker

Our ‘Satellite’ Network of Fractional Experts

We’re proud to have a wider network of trusted advisors and specialist partners who we engage with on certain types of projects. Their expertise covers a variety of areas including: business strategy, behavioural science, research, photography, videography, media buying and aspects of marketing management.

We like to call them our satellites – they embody every ounce of our Blue Moon ethos, and are there to dip into wherever a business or brand challenge needs an extra sprinkle of stardust.