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5 Steps to Create an Outstanding Marketing Plan

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Creating a marketing plan guides you towards optimal strategies for achieving your sales and revenue objectives while minimising potential errors. If you haven’t already, it also helps you identify your target market and attract new customers. Think of your marketing plan like a GPS for your business!

In essence, this plan outlines your intended marketing and advertising activities over a specific timeframe. It serves as a tool to help you visualise how you will effectively reach, entice and attract customers to invest in your products or services.

Side note: your marketing plan should seamlessly align with your strategic plan, which outlines the overall trajectory of your business for the upcoming three to five years.

Here are 5 steps to create an exceptional marketing plan, aiding you in charting a course for your business to remain on track and accomplish its objectives:

1. Conduct a SWOT Analysis

The first step is to Initiate with a SWOT analysis. This can be done through assessing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This helps identify areas of excellence and potential shortcomings within your business.

Strengths – Internal advantages elevating your market position.

Weaknesses – Detrimental factors hindering goal achievement.

Opportunities – Routes for business growth beyond current endeavours.

Threats – External factors posing risks to primary markets.

Top Tip: by identifying the weaknesses, you are ultimately creating room for opportunities, these can later be turned into objectives to work towards!

2. Profile your customers

Step two involves segmenting your customers, this is a key step for understanding their defining traits, needs, purchasing habits, and decision-making criteria.

A comprehensive customer profile facilitates a deeper understanding of their motivations for selecting your product over competitors’.

Tip: Develop a vivid profile including age, gender, profession, income level, education and geographic location.

3. Set clear objectives

The best way to set your business objectives is to use SMART objectives. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Using a SMART provides direction and measurable targets for the future of your business.


  • The purpose of the marketing plan.
  • Financial and engagement objectives.

4. Address the “4 P’s” of marketing

Once you have established your goals and who you want to reach, you now need to consider some strategic choices. Utilising the 4P’s framework will help support you in meeting the customer needs and wants!

The 4P’s:

Product – Adapt existing offerings to enhance market position.

Pricing – Determine competitive pricing strategies.

Place – Optimise product accessibility for customers.

Promotion – Select effective communication channels for marketing messages.

5. Create a budget

Considering the plan’s components and evaluating costs for executing these identified tactics. You need to prioritise allocation based on the business needs to fit the budget.

Remember, crafting an outstanding marketing plan enhances your business’s navigation toward success by defining pathways and aligning with objectives.

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