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Get to know Ada

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Last week we had the pleasure of having Ada Frith in Blue Moon HQ for a week of work experience. 

Ada is 21 and is about to graduate from Leeds Business School where she has been studying Marketing Management on a Three Year Course, and is on track for First Class Honours Degree. Ada has recently moved back to Newcastle and will be joining us again in August for another 2 weeks of work experience before embarking on the next steps of her career! 

In this blog, we get to know Ada a little bit more… 

Why did you want to gain experience with Blue Moon?

Blue Moon stood out to me as an amazing place to learn as I am working alongside a team who are all from various backgrounds in marketing from branding, print, PR and digital. So I am learning a lot of new things which is incredibly exciting.

The overall values of Blue Moon, presented to me before I started, are the perfect mix of fun and professional and I felt as though I would fit in well and I could add some of my own skills to the team.

I know that Blue Moon already has a lot of clients and are looking to grow rapidly in the future, which has been super exciting to be part of. 

What was your greatest learning?

My greatest learning has been working with one Blue Moon’s newer clients and hearing about all the small details that go into building and marketing a business from the ground up – quite literally!

What has your biggest highlight been?

The biggest highlight for me hasn’t been one thing, it’s been many! I have loved working alongside clients and dropping into various meetings, researching existing clients and creating ideas for future proposals.

I have also loved visiting various sites and learning what the businesses that Blue Moon work with do, and how Blue Moon have been successful with their clients so far. 

What are you most excited for after graduation?

I am excited to develop my skill sets further to help me succeed in my career past university. I am excited to start putting all of my knowledge to the test and getting stuck in – exploring all aspects of marketing life. I’m ready for a big girl job!

What are three random facts about me?

  1. My favourite colour is pink.

  2. I can’t drive (yet.. pending…) 

  3. I make the best cake ever 🙂