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How to Use Content Pillars in Your Social Media Strategy

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Are content pillars really that important? Erm… YES!

Despite being a popular term in the world of social media, content pillars remain crucial for content creation, content planning and scheduling! In this blog we will provide valuable insights into why identifying content pillars for your social media twill assist you in staying organised, maintaining consistency, and producing content that really resonates with your audience.

But first, let’s define what content pillars are…

Content pillars refer to the three to five core topics that a brand consistently discusses, promotes, and generates content for across their social media platforms. These topics, also known as content categories or content buckets, serve as the fundamental subjects around which a brand’s social media posts revolve and represent key themes that the audience can begin to associate with said brand.

Why are Content Pillars Important?

The importance of content pillars lies in their ability to provide focus. Instead of sharing random and unrelated content, content pillars enable brands to create more relevant and targeted content for their desired audience segments. This approach helps position brands as an authoritative figure, a source of inspiration, and a provider of content worth knowing about. In doing so, brands can differentiate themselves from the multitude of accounts on social media competing for followers and engagement. Not by doing anything obscure, but by simply being relevant.

Another significant benefit of content pillars for social media is that they simplify the planning process for your content. Rather than trying to think of content to create on short notice, you can leverage your content pillars to strategically structure your content calendar for the upcoming month or months ahead. Content pillars are designed completely in tune to the nature of your brand, but that doesn’t mean they are restrictive. The right content pillars should afford you the freedom to be flexible and diverse in your content strategy, enabling you to cover a wider range of subjects and sharing an array of added value, all while staying within a structured framework true to what your brand represents.

How to Identify & Define Your Brand’s Content Pillars

Crafting content pillars requires thoughtful consideration and is not a spontaneous two-second task. Identifying content pillars involves two important steps. First the identification of potential pillars and second, refining them.

To build an effective content pillar strategy, here are some key factors to take into consideration:

  1. Business Goals and Audience Needs: Align your content pillars with your business objectives and cater to the interests and requirements of your target audience. What do they want to know about? (If you’ve done your audience research this should be pretty easy to determine). 
  2. Keyword Research: Conduct thorough keyword research to discover relevant and trending topics that your brand can tap into. It’s about being part of the right conversations.
  3. Content Analytics and Performance: Look at what you’ve already been doing on social and analyse the performance of your existing content. Are there any successful themes that present themselves as worthy of being a pillar?
  4. Audience FAQs and Feedback: Pay close attention to the questions and feedback from your audience circulating online. Address their concerns and incorporate frequently asked questions into your content pillars.

There’s no denying, content pillars really are your secret to success. Not only do they provide a robust framework for consistency, organisation, and effectiveness in your social media strategies but they make the whole process easier to manage too!

If your business is struggling to navigate the complex world of social media or if you’d like some help to determine your brand’s content pillars then why not speak to us. As part of our bespoke Brand Workshops, we provide an immersive deep dive into the right social media strategy for your brand, outlining key content pillars to take your profile from being pretty average to pretty awesome. To learn more, hit us up at: