Making HUSK a HOME

From a side hustle to a business that keeps communities together for longer

About HUSK

HUSK are niche regeneration specialists, using an innovative and patented approach to transform unused garages into sustainable, accessible forever homes. It’s about taking what exists and creating something far greater with the development of bungalows that really do stand the test of time.

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The Challenge

HUSK is a side project ran by an incredibly talented team, all of whom have a priority on their 9-5. The Challenge for Blue Moon Marketing was to find a way to help HUSK tell their story not just in the right way for their audience to understand their innovations and unique approach but in a way that doesn’t put pressure on the client’s already very busy schedule.

The Solution

Following an interactive brand workshop to uncover why HUSK is unlike any other, we set to work devising a comprehensive social media plan that would be able to retrospectively tell HUSK’s story over the last 5 years to bring them to speed with the business’ position to date. We built a new website with enhanced user experience, something which can be easily managed by both ourselves and HUSK to ensure the brand story can be told consistently.

The Results

HUSK went live in September 2023 with a new website and sharing its story across Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn and X – to the complete satisfaction of the client. We continue to engage with and grow their audience as we share more about who they are and what they do.