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Logo tips and tricks!

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Everything you need to know about designing a logo

The truth is anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design a good one. Within a few seconds of looking at a logo, you’ve already made a lot of assumptions about that brand whether you realise it or not. It’s a bit like a first impression when you meet someone, and we all know how important they are! Here’s the boxes your logo needs to tick and why:

Clear and simple:

Your logo should not only be readable upon first glance, but simple and effective. A common thing with logos is to try and be so unique that it becomes intricate and a bit chaotic. Keep it clean, but make it yours. You can make a logo unique without having all the bells and whistles, just a bell or two does the trick… If you don’t agree, think about some of the world’s most famous logos and how simple they are. Nike, Uber, Google for example. They have all built a unique brand without going overboard.


Something often overlooked is versatility!! Your logo is going to be used in many different formats, sizes, layouts, on different materials, and it needs to stay consistent. One hurdle I’ve seen many people struggle to overcome is when they choose a colour that looks great on digital screens, but when trying to get this colour matched and printed in physical form, fail every time – with the entire exercise becoming nothing short of a nightmare. In some case it just isn’t possible to replicate in printed materials which means sacrificing the colour and your brand becoming inconsistent. 

A solution for adaptability is to have a few variations of your logo. The main logo, and what’s called a secondary submark logo. The submark logo is usually a smaller but very recognisable version of the main logo. This way you have all the bases covered whether it’s for a social profile pic or a billboard on a building.

Here’s an example of two versions of a logo from our client Energise.


This is going to sound odd, but don’t design a logo that leans too heavily into a trend. Trends come and go and if you go too hard, your logo is going to age very quickly. Try and be as timeless as you can. Now this doesn’t mean you’ll never have to rebrand to stay relevant, the times are going to change and there are many ways in which you may need to evolve your brand or logo to remain relevant. However, what you can do through the right choice of logo is build a brand with longevity from the off. Something that by and large will stand the test of time. 


Your logo must be appropriate for your target audience. Important elements like font choice and colour play a huge part in overall feel of a logo. For example, have you ever seen a rainbow logo for a lawyer? No, because it would never be taken seriously in that industry. That said, take a look at the logo we designed for Diverse Fitness & Wellbeing. It’s very colourful with a playful, child-like font. Perfect for fitness classes aimed at neuro diverse children who seek visual stimulation. 


Last but not least, you want your logo to be YOURS. Taking inspiration is fine, but you need to make it your own to stand out from the crowd. The last thing you want is thinking your logo reminds them of someone else’s. Not to mention you could have a hefty law suit on your hands. The goal is to have someone look at it and know instantly who you are and what you represent. 

So there you have it, my logo tips for nailing it first time. If you’re just starting out and want a helping hand, or keen to freshen up something existing then why not get in touch and we’ll book you in for a brand workshop to get the ball rolling! 

Cara x

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