Bridging the Construction skills gap

x50 ROAS and 100% sustained progression

About RE:geon

RE:geon are an innovative employer-led training provider, dedicated to delivering the highest quality of Green Skills Construction training across the North East. They specialise in a variety of courses from Skills Bootcamps to short courses and workshops.

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The Challenge

RE:geon have two target audience segments to attract so needed a marketing approach that would speak to both! From the individual learner looking to embark on a new career in construction to the employer who needs to close skills gaps within their organisation to future proof their operations, there is so much to say – so where on earth do you start?

The Solution

Creation of two clear marketing strategies for each audience set that showed great alignment and synergy whilst focussing on their own KPIs. We used Organic Social Media to drive brand awareness whilst launching Paid Ad Campaigns for Sales Activation to get learners on programme and employers engaged.

The Results

• Paid Ads with 83+% conversion rate of leads
• ROAS x50
• 300+ individuals in the North East now skilled in Construction Green Skills
• 150 individuals now with enhanced skills and improved opportunities in existing roles.
• 100% sustained progression of learners staying in their new employment