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The importance of having a social media presence for your business

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Social media is a huge part of almost every single person’s daily life! Ask yourself these three simple questions – Do you wake up every morning and check your notifications? Do you stay in bed and scroll through your social media feeds before getting up? Before you fall asleep do you scroll through Instagram or TikTok?

Was the answer yes?…

Well, it’s not just you – we all do this. And this is while social media is booming. Millions of people are on social media, and now is the perfect time to leverage it to boost your business.

Once you have set a strategy and have properly thought about how your social media channels will be run, you can build your business FAST! Here are some more reasons why a social media presence is super important:

Due Diligence

9 times out of 10 when you come across a new business, is your default to have a quick snoop on their socials? Run a due diligence check to not only find out more about what they do but how they present themselves?

Without a presence on social channels, the search would simply end there. Which would mean your website would have to work even harder to tell the right story without the support or back up from any other content online. Customers, Consumers and Viewers alike want to build up a 360 degree of who your business is and what you do before they decide to invest their time and money into your products and solutions. Through the power of social media, the decision to connect with a business can happen in seconds. Not many other platforms can do that….


Regardless of whether it’s in the personal or professional space, we all want to feel a sense of belonging. Social media can be used effectively to build a community and gain a following of people who trust and believe in your business and want to see how you grow. The way in which businesses grow nowadays is through the communities they build on their social media channels, so without this how can you progress?


The great thing about having a social media account is that you have more freedom compared to your website. You can get more creative on your social media channels, switching up the type of content you put out to promote your business with your followers, whether it be photos, stories and videos.

Even though you’re a business, it’s important to remember that behind the corporate front, you are a group of real people. Followers online want to see the real you so that they can connect with you on a more personal and human to human level. Especially if you want them to part with something valuable like their time or money. A great way to do this is to give them an insight into “office life” and the culture behind the brand name. This could be something as simple as sharing a photo of you and your team. Not only putting faces to the names but letting people understand what “a day in the life” truly looks like. What’s more, it works brilliantly for recruitment when future employees can picture themselves in your business through seeing others in the office.


Ever been sat on hold for 30 minutes and still haven’t settled a problem or enquiry? Yes, we probably all have, but with social media you can create an efficient support network where your customers can message you instantly and get the help they need far more quickly. Even if you can’t resolve the problem right away, just your audience knowing you’re there to talk to and share in their queries is a huge credibility booster for your business.

Building this level of trust with customers will keep them coming back time and time again. Resulting in the creation of loyal customers who recommend your business to their friends and family without the need for any incentive! The best kind of brand ambassador!

Get to know your customers

On the majority of social media platforms, you can set up your account as a business account, which means you will have access to the analytics of your account and can learn more about your customers. For instance, on Instagram, you can see a breakdown of your following by gender, age and location. Knowing these demographics can help you and your marketing team to better plan a campaign or strategy that will truly tap into your target audience and help to grow your engagement.

Keeping an eye on the competition

Every business has some form of competition. This is where social media can be incredibly useful. Not only can you keep tabs on the opposition but you can learn a great deal about their customers. What are their interests? Trigger points? What kind of content are they engaging with? Use these insights wisely to help you improve your own business by targeting a wider set of customers.

So, there you go. A whole bunch of reasons why a social media presence for your business is super important. From customer engagement, growth and loyalty – they all help your business grow. If you don’t have social media, now is the perfect time for you to create your accounts.

Social media can be tricky at times to manage, so outsourcing your social media needs can take the weight off your shoulders. That’s why here at Blue Moon we want to make your life easier by taking away the stress of running your social media platforms. So make sure to check out our services and get in touch to see how we can help your business grow.