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Top 5 tips for boosting your LinkedIn reach & engagement

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LinkedIn is the top platform for reaching other businesses and professionals within your industry. Not to mention an area we truly excel in here at Blue Moon. An observation we make time and time again is that very few businesses know how to leverage the power and effectiveness of LinkedIn’s networking functions. Bypassing a large percentage of their target audience and convertible leads as a result..

If you don’t know how to maximise the impact of your activity and outreach, you might be underwhelmed with the level of engagement your LinkedIn page is currently getting. Maybe even questioning whether the platform is truly worth your while. Fear not. We’re here to change that…  

In this week’s blog, we delve deeper into how you can boost connections with your followers. As well as gain new followers and potential customers. Here are 5 of our proven tips to help you up your engagement game and see those green arrows come flying in.

1. Post Consistently

Our top tip is to be consistent and active on your Linkedin profile. Whether it be your company page or personal profile, posts and articles should be shared regularly to keep your engagement levels high. The frequency is subject to your business type, the industry and sector, and ultimately what feels right. There’s no magic number here but by having a solid presence on your account, followers cannot help but notice you.

But remember. BE RELEVANT and don’t overdo it. Posts you share should be informative for your followers and include work you do that can solve their problems. Better still, sharing your knowledge and expertise by commenting on your connection’s posts as well as via your own statuses will increase your reach and recognition with people who might not currently follow you.

2. Be Genuine

Building relationships with your followers is more than just liking and commenting. So why not drop them a message? But we’re talking a GENUINE message. None of this Hi *Firstname* fakery.

As the saying goes, to be interesting to other people, you first need to be interested in them. So get to know your connections on a human level by finding out more about them FIRST before delving into the specifics around why they like your content. When your followers see your interest in them beyond just the superficial likes, they will feel more invested in you as a person, and your brand as a whole. Increasing their desire to support you and maybe even become your biggest fan. Freely sharing your content on their pages to reach new audiences who may not currently follow you. But who could become newly convertible customers.

3. Don’t be afraid to get Personal

It’s great to share content about your business, the products you see and what people think about them. But, you should always use yourself as a branding tool. There is always a higher engagement rate when there’s a REAL human element added to your content. Whether this is a video, selfie, group image or candid shot – now more than ever, people want to feel connected to you just as much as your business.

This also doesn’t have to be business related 24/7, every once in a while have a bit of fun and share something unexpected because believe it or not LinkedIn is SO HERE FOR IT. Go on, share a Q&A about yourself, post about office antics or even something totally in the moment that made someone smile. Passion and authenticity are the perfect combo to see your engagement figures grow and grow. (Who knew just being you could set you apart?!)

4. Create your own Community

Start by engaging with other people in a similar field to you to build up a team of Allies. By engaging with their content, more often than not they’ll engage back, pushing your content out further than you could organically. Building up a real support system overtime. It’s about strength in numbers here – and it’s most certainly NOT about competition. Sure you’ve got to be aware of who your rivals are but when it comes to social media, the only C word we’re interested in is community.

Creating a community of like minded people or businesses through your ability to produce engaging content and nurture relationships is second to none both on LinkedIn and in the outside world. You’ll not only get noticed for the products you offer but for your inspirational leadership too.

5. Share Into Linkedin Groups

Sponsored content is one thing but to save you some pennies, a killer method for boosting your engagement and reach on Linkedin is to simply leverage your presence in the existing groups you’ve fallen into over the years by sharing eye-catching and engaging content. There’s a high chance you’ve forgotten about some of the groups you’re even in so you’ll be surprised at the warm welcome and reception you’ll get when you do finally take the plunge to post in.

Here at Blue Moon, we offer a range of solutions to help you raise your profile as well as your performance when it comes to Linkedin. From awareness drives to thought provoking campaigns, proactive lead generation, ‘screengrabbing’ content, killer copy, outreach and more. We’ve been helping businesses maximise their social media presence for years. So there’s no reason why you can’t be our next success story!

Get in touch today and let’s see what we can accomplish together!