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We’ve been shortlisted in the Brand Creation of the Year at the North East Marketing Awards!

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We are so excited to be announced as a finalist in the North East Marketing Awards! Shortlisted in the Brand Creation of the Year (Agency) category, we shone a light on our work with RE:GEN Group.

Here’s a bit more on our journey with RE:GEN to date…

The Brief

The brief was to create a new identity for the business including the setting of its vision, mission, values, alongside a name and visual identity. We needed to create credibility and successfully portray the business as being established in order to compete with far larger and more established competitors in the market.

The Challenge

The existing company, JTL Construction, primarily focused on private property development works within the construction sector.

The management team at the time was made up of three directors but change was coming in the form of a new strategic direction for the business, identifying opportunities to scale and grow within the commercial and social housing sector. The original name, JTL, had also been formed as an accumulation of initials personal to one of the directors – so there was a desire to create something that aligned closer to the new vision and strategic direction.

Our Approach

Collaboratively we asked, “What do we want to achieve?”

One of our greatest strengths at Blue Moon is our ability to simplify. It was abundantly clear the business existed to deliver improvement works, with a goal to make things better than what they were. We kept returning to the word ‘regeneration’ and so we began to explore this as a potential business name.

We presented naming concepts around “RE:GEN”. The feedback around the simple and clear aesthetic was incredible. It felt right, and it stuck.

We knew RE:GEN Construction would be too limiting for the business, lacking a forward-thinking approach so by creating RE:GEN Group, we facilitated a platform with room for growth and scalability without the need to constantly revisit the brand and its identity – future proofing the brand. Using ‘Group’ also helped create the right perception of the business at the time, in feeling bigger than what it was.

We then began exploring colour palettes to develop the visual identity.

Purple is often a colour associated with regeneration, but something didn’t feel right. At this point, we were simultaneously working on their vision and took inspiration from another common theme that kept coming up – sustainability – and the green agenda. It was here where the RE:GEN green was born.

Challenging the Norm

A theme from our initial brand workshop was ‘challenging the norm’ – something RE:GEN wanted to bring into every aspect of their business, and so our visual identity had to reflect this.

The space the client was moving into was very traditional and was an industry that at the time, Blue Moon had limited experience of.

Using this to our advantage, we set a challenge to see what a socially responsible contractor could look like.

We took inspiration and transferred ideas from other sectors that we know work well, having supported many clients within FMCG, health/beauty and home/garden. Our desire was to style RE:GEN out of their sector, bringing storytelling techniques typically used in B2C shopper marketing.

First Moment of Truth

We wanted to ensure that from the first moment our target audience were introduced to RE:GEN Group, be it online or offline, they understood exactly who they were, what they stood for and ultimately, had a positive experience.

Our brand strategy revolved entirely around the ethos of family – for both internal and external audiences.

Upon launching the brand, instant feedback was that it was a fresh approach and really made an impression on the local community.

The Result

RE:GEN Group has grown from a small start-up into a £40m turnover business in year 2 (2022/23), £60m in year 3 (2023/24) and £100m in secured revenue for year 4 (2024/25). 

They stand today as one of the region’s leading social housing partners, and have just been crowned the Fastest Growing Business and Fastest Growing Medium Business at the 2023 Fastest 50 North East Awards.

We’re over the moon to be up for this award nomination as the journey we have been on with the RE:GEN Group has played an integral part in our own story.

You’ll see us on 30th November at this year’s North East Marketing Awards and we’d love to think we’ve got this in the bag!