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5 Marketing Podcasts We Cannot Live Without.

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It’s true… Podcasts are STILL IN!  

Over recent years, podcasts have grown in popularity for a variety of reasons, most notably for their versatility in being able to cover so many niche topics and their ability to cater to the modern-day listener who’s on the go, anywhere, anytime. The ease of access and ability for something to be entertaining and informative, or even to just create the perfect background noise, has got global audiences hooked. 

But despite the podcast hype, finding the right one for you can be few and far between, especially when like us, you’re on the hunt for a killer Marketing podcast… To save you the scrolling time…this blog has narrowed down the top 5 podcasts that any business owner or brand manager should tune into if you’re looking to better understand the marketing landscape and grow your brand! 

Podcast 101 – Only commit to a podcast that suits YOU…

  • The content must align with your listening goals. The chosen podcast should fit within your time schedule as some podcasts last twenty minutes whilst others can last up to two hours! 
  • Secondly, when your finding your perfect podcast, look out for bonus content, episode highlights and downloadable guides, as these are all the elements of a value driven podcast.  
  • Finally, the host is arguably the most important deciding factor as it’s their voice you’ll be listening to! Podcasts have various hosts, from solo, duos, sets and interview style, so make sure you find a host that is engaging for you. 

So, let’s dive in. Our Top 5 Marketing Podcasts 

  1. Marketing Made Simple- By Dr.J.J. Peterson. This podcast is a beginners guide to the marketing world, providing practical tips to make marketing easy. We love this one because it’s a firm belief of ours that marketing shouldn’t be complicated! Each episode lasts about 30 minutes and covers everything you need to know to keep up with changing trends. 
  2. Marketing Week – Whether you’re in the world of marketing or not, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of Marketing Week! Their podcasts discuss key topics with leading industry voices who have shaped and influenced the marketing industry as we know it. Each episode lasts about 40 minutes and is hosted by one of the most trusted voices in marketing. This podcast definitely gets our thumbs up!  
  3. Product Marketing Life – by PMA.  Your biweekly dose of going behind the scenes to hear from all kinds of different product marketers across the globe. From getting insider info about their journeys into the world of product marketing to sharing in all of the learnings and successes that followed, each episode lasts about 40 minutes, perfect for your commute home. 
  1. The Marketing Millennials- By Daniel Murry. This daily podcast is a super fun and trending podcast with brilliant guests such as the owners of GymShark and Spotify. Each podcast lasts between 10 and 40 minutes and covers unique marketing topics to stretch your knowledge. We can’t get enough of this!
  2. The girls in Marketing podcast- Keen to be part of a girl band like ours? This weekly podcast covers all tips and tricks to help you get started in the marketing industry as well as digital marketing news and advice. Each episode lasts between 20 minutes – 1 hour and offers a chatty, casual take on marketing.

If your business is finding it hard to keep up with what to look at and listen to when it comes to the ever-evolving world of Marketing, then we can’t offer you a podcast… (just yet!) but we can offer you a cuppa and some killer conversation at our Sunderland HQ! 

To discuss how best to take your marketing strategy to the next level, then please drop us a message: click here    

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